IT Bootcamp & Crash Course

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Scheduled Monthly

Conducted at our Campus & Live Online via Zoom


Join us along with our + 6 other dedicated participants

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About the event

The IT Bootcamp & Crash Course at NYC | Peer Baba is designed to equip students with a broad set of skills to become proficient in today’s digital age. This course includes

  • Software Manual Testing: Learn how to find defects and ensure the software works as expected.
  • Test Automation Project: Understand how to automate tests to increase efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Zephyr Test Management: Master the use of this top-rated test management tool.
  • Jira Agile Management: Navigate through project management in agile teams using Jira.
  • Database Testing: Get hands-on experience on how to ensure your databases function as intended.
  • API Testing: Learn how to test APIs to ensure seamless communication between different software systems.
  • Mobile Testing: Understand the nuances of testing mobile applications for different platforms.

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