The Business Technologist – Business Analyst Training


What Will You Learn?

  • Foundations of Business Analysis:
  • Gain a profound understanding of the fundamental principles and methodologies of business analysis. Learn about industry standards, best practices, and the role of a business analyst in various organizational contexts.
  • Requirements Elicitation and Documentation:
  • Master techniques for gathering, documenting, and validating business requirements. Understand how to effectively communicate with stakeholders, identify their needs, and translate them into clear and concise documentation.
  • Data Analysis and Modeling:
  • Dive into the world of data analysis and modeling. Learn to analyze complex datasets, identify patterns, and translate data insights into actionable business strategies. Explore data modeling techniques essential for making informed decisions.
  • Process Mapping and Improvement:
  • Acquire skills in process mapping and optimization. Understand how to analyze existing business processes, identify inefficiencies, and propose improvements. Learn to use process modeling tools to visualize and streamline workflows.
  • Software Tools and Technologies:
  • Familiarize yourself with industry-standard business analysis tools and software. Gain hands-on experience with tools used for requirements management, process modeling, and data analysis, enhancing your technical proficiency.
  • Stakeholder Management and Communication:
  • Develop essential soft skills for effective stakeholder management and communication. Learn how to facilitate meetings, conduct interviews, and present findings. Master the art of negotiation and conflict resolution, vital for successful business analysis outcomes.
  • Agile and Scrum Methodologies:
  • Explore Agile and Scrum methodologies widely used in modern business environments. Understand the principles of Agile development, sprint planning, and iterative delivery. Learn how to adapt business analysis practices to Agile projects.
  • Real-World Project Experience:
  • Engage in hands-on projects and case studies that simulate real-world business scenarios. Apply your knowledge and skills to solve practical business challenges, preparing you for the complexities of the professional landscape.
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About Course

Course Overview

In this intensive program, guided by the experienced instructor NYCpeerbaba, you will progress from the fundamental concepts to advanced techniques in business analysis. Starting with an introduction to the core principles and installation procedures, the course will cover a wide array of topics. The program culminates in the development of a substantial project, allowing you to demonstrate your proficiency – a project that could be your ticket to coveted positions in top-tier companies.

Note: The top 3 students showcasing outstanding skills will have the opportunity to secure internships at Appsol360, where they will work on real-world ReactJS projects.

Course Schedule

This immersive training program spans over 4 weeks (1 month), ensuring ample time for comprehensive learning and practical application of knowledge. In the initial two weeks, classes will be conducted on Mondays and Thursdays, allowing focused learning opportunities from 8 PM to 10 PM. As the program progresses, the intensity increases, with classes scheduled three times a week – on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays – during the final two weeks.

About the Instructor: NYCpeerbaba

Your instructor, NYCpeerbaba, is a seasoned expert in the field of business analysis. With a wealth of experience and a passion for teaching, NYCpeerbaba brings a unique perspective to the classroom. Having worked on diverse projects and collaborated with leading companies, NYCpeerbaba possesses a deep understanding of the practical applications of business analysis concepts. Under NYCpeerbaba’s guidance, you will not only learn but also gain insights from real-world scenarios, preparing you for the challenges of the professional world.

Join us on this transformative journey, guided by the expertise of NYCpeerbaba. Seize the opportunity to become a proficient Business Analyst and embark on a fulfilling career. Secure your spot today, and let the learning begin!


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